Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We have a new blog address for our family site. I will not be updating this site anymore...but all of the "stuff" that is on this site will be transferred over to the new site.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meet Sophie (our puppy)...

OK...so Frank and I were NOT too excited about getting a dog. We had decided that we wouldn't get another one for various reasons. But most of the kids wanted one SOOOOOOOOO badly that we finally caved in and got one. We realize the benefits that come from the kids learning to take care of something dependent on them and all that good stuff....soooo....

We actually spent a lot of the summer going to the pound to find that dog that we couldn't live without. It's so heartbreaking to go there and see all of the sad dogs and cats that want to go home with you. Unfortunately, we could only save one...and what we found was SOPHIE. They speculate that she is probably a mixture of lab and hound dog. It will be interesting to see how she grows up and how LARGE she gets :-). She is terribly cute!
Above: Hi, Sophie!!

Above: ...lounging in the grass (that needs to be cut very badly).

Above: ...and lounging in her little bed...

Above: Ashley and Sophie. She loves to nibble...we need to break her from that habit really quick. It's cute now...but soon I'm sure it will be a problem.

Above: Donovan with Sophie. They have had a ton of fun with her already. It makes it worth it to see how happy it makes them all.

Above: We couldn't find Sophie anywhere...we have to keep tabs on her since we are still "potty-training" her. So, we found her completely asleep on a huge stuffed animal the kids gave to her to play with. She's still very much a puppy and plays hard for a while and then sleeps quite a bit...just not enough at nighttime yet.

Above: Sophie asleep on PJ's lap.

Above: VIDEO ALERT!! See Sophie in Action....

Above: All of this playing is making me TIRED!

Pack Meeting - Donovan becomes a Bear

I'm still a Cub Scout Den Leader (as well as teaching Sunday School to the 14-16 year-olds). This was our latest Pack Meeting...we had it at the home of one of our Scouts...the kids had a great time. Donovan just turned 9 and completed all of the requirements for getting his Wolf badge, so he was awarded that on this night and will now become a Bear.

Above: We have a very small pack...only 4 boys...but it makes it easy to do fun activities. (L to R: Donovan, Nathaniel, Chase & Sam).

Above: Donovan taking a step off the diving board (Sam behind him and Ashley in the water).

Above: Sam taking the plunge.

Above: Rico Suave...I mean, Donovan.

Above: Ashley...

Above: Sam...it's his pool...he's so lucky...

Above: Ashley hitting water...literally...

Above: Nathaniel

Above: Chase and his sister Isabelle...

Above: ...and Chase's sister Lilly...

Above: Donovan was enjoying an apple from a tree on their property.

Above: We did our awards after the swimming...and Donovan forgot his shirt...so he looks "not quite done up." But this is right after he got his Wolf and became a Bear.

Above: I was having a really bad hair day...but this is Donovan and me right after the awards ceremony. Boy...Donovan looks happy...

Summer Happenings....

Here are a few things that have been happening as summer is winding down....

Above: Brother Mitchell took the Young Women (from church) on a boating trip near the end of July. They had a LOT of fun (thanks Bro. Mitchell!!!). (L to R: Katy, Megan, Melissa, Vickie & Sariah).

Above: Megan trying kneeboarding. Liz was there too...but I don't have any photos of her yet.

Above: Megan and PJ went crazy in the kitchen one afternoon. They helped me make Navajo Tacos and they were amazing help...plus they had a lot of fun. Why can't they always get along like that? :-) We had 4 missionaries over that night too...so they rolled out a LOT of fry bread.

Above: Ahhhh...they're so cute when they are being agreeable :-).

Above: Liz got to try out her cosmetology skills (both hair and makeup) on Mikayla and her friend Breonna the night of their Middle School Open house. They really looked beautiful and caused quite a stir at school when we arrived :-).

Above: ...notice the eyeshadow work....

Above: PJ...gosh...he's only 11 and he's growing up into such a young man already!!

Above: I saw this sign in Marietta, GA, and thought it was funny (and honest, for a change)....

Above: Our Sister Missionaries (Humphries and Snoddy) with our favorite Buck girls: Ferree, Sariah & Lydia. This was at a Musical Fireside we had at the church tonight...it was amazing!!! Liz, Megan, Mikayla and Ashley sang a song for it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Summer Photos

Here are a few other things that have happened this summer:

Above: Cody has been home from his mission to Korea for 2 years now! Wow...time flies. He had a mission reunion this month. President Cho and his wife (pictured with Cody above) were recently released after serving for 3 years and traveled to Utah to meet with some of their missionaries that have returned home. Cody got to go to dinner with them the night before the reunion and really enjoyed being able to see them again. Cody served with him as an AP (Assistant to the President) for many months and so they got to be very close.

Above: Cody, Sister and President Cho, and one of Cody's companions on his mission (Elder Webster).
Another cool thing for Cody was that he got to translate from Korean into English when President Cho (who doesn't speak English) gave his talk at the reunion. Cody was really able to master the language while in Korea.

Above: This was at a Wal-Mart in Cortez, Colorado, when we took our little trip over to Mesa Verde during our Utah trip. I took these with my phone and forgot to put them on the Blog. (PJ, 11; Donovan, 9; Bronson, 9).

Above: This was right before we headed to Stone Mountain for Donovan's birthday. We had found out the night before that we were losing some of our favorite missionaries to transfers....so we got a photo with them before they left.

Above: We couldn't see Elder Kilpelainen in the last one...so we had to take another. I learned how to use the timer on my camera this day :-)...and that pianos are a great height for doing this. (Primary room...can you tell?)


BELOW: I had a hard time uploading videos for a while a couple of months ago...so here are a couple that I would've uploaded with past entries but didn't because I couldn't.

Above: Donovan (9) and Seth (10) doing the Slip N Slide back in June.

Above: This was a volleyball game that our ward had at the Annual Memorial Day BBQ out at Hard Labor Creek. You can see Megan and Liz on the Left and PJ on the Right.